JZS161 budget wiring service

This sevice is currently for available for x8 Cressida but it's possible for other cars. This is as PNP as you can get with this swap.

All mods done using donor ecu box. No MX83 parts required! Fully sleeved for durability/looks. Utilizes aristo alternator that's already wired in the main engine harness. VSS and tach converter wiring provided upon request (VSS for non cable clusters) or send your cluster for free tach mod! Aux plug (DTM 2 way) for use in future upgrades. Sub harness for oil pressure, AC, and water temp. New wire throughout. All connections use OEM style crimps NO SOLDER! New plugs for T5 (replaces 7m ecu), oil pressure, water temp, and dash plugs. Fuel pump activation via ECTS "power" button (several other methods available). Toyota DLC support. J-OBD2 support (add $20). A/T or M/T swap support. Unfortunately, ABS is not available with this setup. Available upon request: Cruise control. Paddle shifters.

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