1. How do I order?

    Please send basic information about your build (chassis, engine type, ECU, transmission type etc) to wirepanic@gmail.com. Please be as specific as possible to assure an accurate quote.

  2. Do you sell new harnesses? Are they in stock?

    We do sell new harnesses but like everything else they are made to order. Since everyone's build is different, an off the shelf "one size fits all" approach would add unnecessary costs and complexity for our customers.

  3. How and when do I pay?

    We only accept payment for completed work. Our primary methods are paypal, check, and wire transfer.

  4. What's your turnaround time?

    We always aim for a 2 week turnaround.

  5. I need to have it sooner than that. Is it possible to expedite?

    Our policy is to provide services in the order they are requested. This gives every customer reassurance that they'll never be "bumped" in favor of someone else.

  6. Do you provide a warranty?

    Yes. We provide a lifetime warranty on workmanship as well as a 1 year warranty on materials. If a workmanship defect is found we will cover the shipping and repair free of charge. Material defects will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

  7. My engine swap came with a harness. How much to rework it? What all is needed?

    Typically we would need the engine harness from the original engine in your chassis and the "new" one from your swap. Costs for this service typically range from $500-$800.

  8. My engine swap came with a damaged harness. What additional costs should I expect?

    It is very common for used engines to come with damaged wiring. We stock a full range of OEM connectors and pins to deal with this.

  9. I have a race car with no factory wiring in it. How does this affect pricing?

    In most cases this will reduce costs. We can supply any number of circuits in any configuration you choose. Most body connections are handeled with deutsch connectors (we supply both sides).

  10. Do you offer full chassis harnesses?

    Because every build is different, we currently offer chassis wiring serivces only on a personal basis. If you are interested in this service please email us.

  11. What kind of wire and coverings do you offer?

    We currently offer high strength "grey stripe" corrugated loom, fiber sleeving rated at 1200F (648C), and Raychem DR25 (tefzel harness only). We only use high quality cross link or Mil-spec (M22759) tefzel wire. Any wire added to stock reworks will be cross link. New harnesses can be made of either. Unlike our competitors, ALL of our new harness options feature Mil-spec shielded wire (M27500) on EMI sensitive circuits (mag sensors, knock sensors etc) to ensure the highest reliability.

  12. I'm using "x ecu" with a custom setup and need a basemap. Can you provide one?

    In some cases we can provide a "startup map" for you (please email to verify) free of charge for supported ECUs like Link G4+ (our preferred ecu), Adaptronic, Haltech, Motec M1, AEM EMS, Apexi PowerFC etc. Some examples would be Toyota 3sge "beams" vvti, 1jz/2jz, GM LS engine, Nissan SR/VG/RB engine etc. Even for non supported ECUs we'll always do our best to help with your configuration.

  13. Do you provide tuning services?

    We currently offer engine tuning serivces only on a personal basis. If you are interested in this service please email us.

  14. Is your wiring "street legal"?

    No. Our services are provided for "off road use only" vehicles.

  15. I have an idea for a new setup that no one's really tried. Can you help?

    Sure! Never hesitate to email with any questions regarding custom setups no matter how atypical. We'll do our best to steer you in the right direction. Our goal is always to "make it go!" no matter what the project.

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